Do you want a pleasant getaway with your family and friends by taking a nice trip down crystal blue waters? Then consider our cruise service: our staff will work diligently to secure the best cruise deals for you and ensure that you will have ample time to experience all of the lovely charms of the ocean! Call us today to discuss cruise packages and deals!

Travel Agency

We are a fully accredited and experienced travel agency that will stop at nothing to make sure you embark on the vacation experience of your dreams! All of our agents have years of experience securing great deals for their clients and can’t wait to get started on your needs! Call us today to learn more about our agency!

Special Needs Travel

If you require any form of special assistance or accommodations with your travels, then Somerset Tours & Travel, LTD., will be happy to help! We can provide you with all of the necessary supplemental information and assistance you need for yourself or a loved one. Call us today for more details!

European Travel

Europe is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and there is no reason you shouldn’t experience it either! Our agents will sit down with you and secure the best deals, develop an itinerary, and assist you with flights and more! Call us today to speak with an agent!

Destination, Weddings/Honeymoons (All Inclusive)

Our travel agents also work with engaged and newlywed couples to create an incredible travel wedding/honeymoon! We want your eternal commitment to one another to start with a beautiful travel experience - so call us today to speak with one of our agents!

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